The Summer Girls series 2017

A curated series of images capturing the essence of summer
through the visualization of various responses distilled from the feminine
form. These are the girls of summer.


That warm breeze through your hair, the surprise splash of
cool water on your skin, boundless moments captured with dear friends simple
and nostalgic…

Incidents that in colder busy grayer times bring back a
smile… Something about the times, the music, your youth, it will never ever be
the same. Woefully the summer must end. 

But the memories, the brilliant
memories of summer linger and never die.

Luminescence [lˌuːmɪnˈɛsənse]

With the recent installation of changing lights over the bridges crossing the Houston 59 HW I was itching to shoot a session using the streets as a back drop for something compelling… Working with my model Giorgi and borrowing a stunning white dress from Boss Lady Couture I set out to capture shots using 1 artificial light source and lots of ambient city lights.   

La Ve Vee Couture | Summer Style Show

Was curious to see what all the chatter i’d been hearing about a fresh little boutique on the north side that my girl Jenny was going to be walking in. Turned out to be a quick fashion set for La Ve Vee Couture at a pool side party showing off some of the fresh looks you can find at LaVeVee Couture. I’m looking forward to seeing what they got going on next.

© Copyright Scott McCombs
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